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Letters that very special Boxers have written to Morgan…

Letter from Casey – stitches and Mommy learning to talk

Hello my dad Morgan! 

I must apologise for don’t writing for so long! My Mommy has been so very slack about leaving her computer on for me to write. 

I am so glad to hear you are getting better and am very sorry about your Mommy – we said prayers. 

First I have to tell you that I had a little accident, I cut my paw on the wooden fence that’s supposed to keep us out of the cat’s garden. It’s high – Mommy says 1.5m high – and last week me and Dex wanted to get to Daddy on the other side, so Dex jumped over (he did that so easily – he’s a very very tall boy now – Mommy calls him her little horsie) and then I did but I am not so tall and I ripped my foot. It was bleeding and I made red footprints EVERYWHERE – this is because when Mommy was trying to catch me I ran away a lot. So we ran around for a while and then Mommy shouted at me – very loudly – I did not like that. She took me to the vet lady and they said that Mommy had to leave me there for an operation. Mommy had a little cry but I really think it was because Cu and Morgan were behaving so badly – they took leads from the shelf and were crawling on the floor and pretending to be dogs – I think Mommy wanted to leave them there and rather bring me home…  

So I hate my bandages – I pull them off and Mommy has to put new ones all the time, ya, about 4 a day. Then back to the vet every second day – it’s so horrible. Then today we went back and I had to have another operation because me and Dex were especially wild yesterday and all my stitches came out. The vet lady was most disappointed at Mommy for not keeping me calm – Mommy was not happy at all about that. But I’m going to try very hard to be a good girl – I definitely don’t want to have another operation. The one cool thing is that Mom’s been letting us sleep on the bed with her – and we love to cuddle. Dad doesn’t love it so much, he gets very cross, but we all put our sad facies on (and Mom too) and then he shakes his head. On the weekend Dad came home late and he was not happy when he came to bed because it was me and Dex and Mommy and Cu and Morgan and Amber and Mashi and Zalo – all on the bed. He said he was going to sleep somewhere else. Then he told Mommy in the morning that the only ones missing from the bed were Gemma and the snake and that it’s ridiculous. Mommy called him a meanie. 

Mommy has been reading this book and I am not sure if I like that book – when she reads it she cries all the way through – but then I do like that book because when she stops reading it she TALKS to us – LIKE IN DOGGY LANGUAGE!!! How cool is that?! She told me and Dex it’s a book about talking to animals. She’s not brilliant at it yet but she is getting better. Cu can do it too – he’s really good at it – he should teach Mommy. Amber, the cat who is the boss of our house, says that sometimes she and Mommy talk and that Mommy can talk cat – just needs to learn dog. I help her though so when she tells me to sit and stuff I do it so nicely and Daddy can’t believe his eyes! And it’s nice you know, before just all that noise coming out of her mouth and how must we know what she means? So I think I actually love the book – even though it makes Mommy cry. 

I’m going to go have a sleep on the bed now – Mommy’s going out tonight and I just know Dad’s not going to let me sleep there when she’s gone. 

I will write again soon – I didn’t even tell you all my news but I’m so tired from all the stitches and bandages. 

Casey-boo (and Dexie)

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Letter from Dexter

Dear Sir Morgan

This is Dexter here! I am the boy who lives with your daughter Casey. So I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I decided to write to you to speak to you about something very very important!

I really love Casey and I would like to know if it’s okay with you if I marry her! Today, we went to the vet (which was very hectic for our Mommy because we were being wild) – me to have my stitches out, and Casey to check her ears – we are both 100%!! And Casey even helped the vet to take my stitches out – I think the vet couldn’t see them properly so Casey was showing her – and then when the vet found them Casey gave her a big kiss to say well done!! Anyway, at the vet Mommy bought Casey a new red collar and lead, and I was looking at her in the car and she looked soooo pretty in that red, so I decided to marry her. Also because we play together and cuddle and we even kiss you know! But I want you to know that I protect her and make sure she’s a happy girl – at the vet I even protected her from a black and white cat, and a Jack Russell puppy! I growled and barked so loud that it did a little wee on the floor! Casey and I laughed so hard!! I think Mommy also laughed but she was doing it secretly.

I am a very good gentleman too – I won’t eat until my Casey has got food and I let her start first! And she tells me a lot what to do – and I let her get her own way no matter what! I must say though, she can be quite a bossy girl. The only thing I don’t love is when she gets cuddles from my Daddy – I like to have all the cuddles from him – he’s my favourite. Oh, and the squeaky toys… those are also my favourites so I like to have them all. But most other things…

And I’m a really good jumper!! Our Mommy put a fence up between the front and back gardens (we get the big side and the cats get the other – although they come into our side all the time which surely isn’t fair…) and the other day Mommy was on the other side with some builder guys who came to our house and I didn’t like Mommy to be by herself like that so I jumped right over that high fence and went to be with Mommy! The builder guys got huge big eyes and one ran into the outside room and the other ran behind a big gate – I thought they were being so rude to not say hello to me, so I shouted at them! Mommy took me inside the house and kissed me a lot and told me I’m a clever boy…!!

So, if you agree that I am a brilliant boy, please let me know if that would be okay with you – I promise I’ll keep looking after Casey for ever and ever!

Love Dexter

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Letter from Dr Casey

Hi my Dad Morgan.

So on Monday morning Daddy took Dexter away in the car and I was most upset about it. He was gone the whole morning. Then after tea time Mommy told Cu and Morgan she was going out quickly to fetch something – when she came back I saw that “something” was Dexter. I thought it was quite unfair because he got an outing and I saw that he got a new collar and lead. Mom said Dex went for an operation – she said to leave him alone but I decided I definitely wasn’t going to listen.

So, since Dex came back from the operation on Monday I have gathered the following information: the first day he lay down on his back a lot for me to do many inspections – he’s got a cut down on his tummy and stitches in there. It smells a little different and he cried a little bit if I pushed there. He also was very reluctant to play – no matter how hard I tried – I jumped and barked and even sang a bit, but no joy. On Tuesday and Wednesday he played more and didn’t cry if I pressed on his tummy. So by Thursday he was right as rain – playing nicely, even wildly, even jumping again. My official assessment is that all this was a ploy to get attention, toys and treats.

You know I went to the vet with Mommy the other day and now I have to eat really big gross pills and horrid stuff goes in my ears – it’s because they were sore. I didn’t get a new collar and lead, no toys.

Plus, he still tries to lie on Mommy’s lap all the time – I mean is he blind? Does he not realise how big he is?! I think Mommy should take him to the eye vet. I’m sure the eye vet will confirm that there is something wrong with his eyes and not his w*lly!!

I’m going to have a nap now – this heat is insane – I think I’ll have a lie down on the pool net – it’s my favourite!

Lots of love Casey-boo (and love from Dexie too) 🙂

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Yael’s Letter to Morgan

Hi Mr. Morgan,

We love your blog and follow it on each update.  My HuMom talks so much about you, she thinks you’re really pretty, (which I am also :-)).  I wanted to write to you because I love your writings and adventures.

This is who I am, My name is: Yael, I am 6 months old, I’m a girl, I have 1 brother and 1 sister.  My brother is a Irish Terrier.

Yesterday was a great day, (sorry no happenings today) we swam in the river and splashed as much as we could. But clean water is terr-i-ble, mud is Beati-full.  HuDad wasn’t happy for us to get muddy, because I am a genius (like all boxers) I thought I get him in the MUDDY-SPIRT yup jump on him mud paws and all.  I was told thats No No No. No is not my word. HuSister needed also a coating. I think I can work at Plascon as a painter.

Bye Mr. Morgan
Kind Regards
Yael who love painting and needs typing help.
And HuSister.

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Letter from Ernie – Gardening


Please tell Casey-Boo and Dex  I have been reading their letters and decided to try and fix my mom’s garden, then  I found some cool flowers and I know my mom loves flowers so I brought them inside for her!

Ernie and his gardening efforts

Ernie and his gardening efforts

Feuwwwwwwwwwwwww she was mad at me, I don’t know why as they were really pretty and the “abees” like them as well. Grumpy Frumpy that’s what I woofed when she was not listening to me! Then Claude and I pulled the nice packet of stink stuff “bone meal” around the garden and rolled in it!  Yip dad was now having a huffy!  So mom told him to put the sprinkles on. Oh boy that was fun we played some more as it was very hot.

Thanks Casey-Boo and Dex for your help on gardening!

Have a nice week Morgan, my mom says you got married – do you like girls? I don’t – yuk!
Woof da too da looooo!


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Letter from Casey – Hercules Mommy

Hi my Dad Morgan

So yesterday was quite hectic. I had to give Mommy a really hard bite because I got my foot stuck in the window and it was unbelievably sore, and I was crying really loudly, and when Mommy came running she didn’t help me fast enough so I bit her hand as hard as I could so that she would get it out faster. Mommy said when she felt that pain from my new big teeth, it gave her Hercules’ strength so that she could lift my whole body up and free my foot! So remember that – if you need someone to be really strong – just bite as hard as you can!! I was really glad that Mommy got my foot out – I think it might have broken if it stayed there. I’m feeling better now. Mommy isn’t though – she has cream and plasters everywhere and she shouted at Daddy because he touched her hand too hard when he was cleaning it.

So Mommy let me have special privileges after I hurt my foot – I did big limps for special effect – and I got cheese and cuddles, but still not allowed to chase Zalo? Dad even gave us a big ball to play with. But that’s broken now. 

We went for a swim too – that was fun. I’ve got a special swimming style that Mom and Dad call ‘tiny baby legs style’ – I only use my front legs and curl my back legs up!! Dex isn’t so good at the swimming… he tried to do it like a fish but NO GILLS!! Daddy had to teach him how to hold his head up and then he did it right the second time. Mommy wouldn’t let us get out at the side – she says we have to swim to the steps so Dad showed us how. Now Mommy is happy because she says we’re clever to learn so quickly!!

Today I went in all by myself for lots of swims but Dex has to get carried in – so lazy!

After we swam we went to cuddle with Mommy on her towel. Mommy doesn’t like to share. She’s just being ugly though – she always tells Cu and Morgan that “sharing is caring”.

I’m happy to report that we’ve made some serious progress with the garden!! We’ve made three nice pathways through some of the plant beds and two nice big flat areas to lie and play on!! Mom doesn’t like our work – she says we can play on the grass – but that’s boring. Our big green playmat is still the best though! Sometimes Dad and Cu jump on it together and then we lie on it so we can also bounce – the best fun ever!! And me and Dex are quite good soccer players too! That game is fun. We’re also trying to learn how to do the skateboard – it’s a little tricky at times but when you get it just right it’s awesome!!!

And I’m teaching Dexie how to read! We take Daddy’s newspapers (and last week we used a book) and then we read. Dex didn’t like it so much so I said that if he reads a page his reward is to eat it afterwards!! So we read one or two newspapers every day and so far – one book!!! Clever hey!? Reading AND recycling!! I truly am genius!

I have to go now – Mommy just turned the sprinklers on and I LOVE to play in them… I also see that the ones we made to lie down are standing up again – better go and fix that!!

Lots of love from me and Dexie,

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Ernie’s third letter to Morgan

Hello Morgan 

Do you think I have clean teeth or tats as dad would say?  My mom says I pull funny face all the time and  I look like a monster and behave like one too and I am a show off! 


Ernie showing off his clean teeth..

But Coco can’t show teeth or smile………….she does paw paw paw and gets treats ………..girls yuk! 

Today it is storming again by us in Cape Town I don’t like it because the sea water takes my balls and Coco’s “thing ding” all the time…….my grumpy brother Claude the jack russel went for a swim and dad had to pull him back in……silly dweeeb!  Then mom had enough and muttered all the way home because she says we think it’s funny and dad was laughing with me when we were walking back home.  My dad say I am his buddy and best friend and the most special boy in the world.  Cool hey! 

Okay I have to bark at the birds in the garden now and see what the builders are doing….as dad say I am in charge of baddies! 

Oh boy on Saturday I played fight fight with Onex(Belgium shepherd) at school he is big and furry he is a new friend…..Ninja(staffi) was sick – lucky because he thinks Mia(beagle) is his girlfriend but she is mine and we play. Do you go to school?  I love school!!!! 

Whooof  da  loooo

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