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Did time fly, or did we sleep a few years?

Good Morgan everyone!

This afternoon we received an email that ‘someone’ was following my Blog…  I didn’t see them following it, or else I would sure have stopped to speak to them!  However, this made HuMom remember I had a blog, and she then spent AGES (when she could have been playing with us…) reading through it and giggling a lot.  It’s her fault I have not written in my blog for YEARS – she has been too busy to put my chair in front of the laptop so that I can write.  HOWEVER!  Today she asked me “Morgie Porgie (I love it when she calls me that) do you want to start writing your blog again?”  Well, you can imagine my answer!  So here I am!  Writing my blog again.  I hope the people that used to read my blog will still have computers!

There has been SO many changes here at Tanyati since the last time I wrote to you.  I don’t know where to start.  We Emma-grated AGAIN, there were more puppies AGAIN, I got a new sister from a far away land AGAIN, I got a new BROTHER from another far away land AGAIN, we won more battles AGAIN….. PHEW!

I will start at the best bit – we Emma-grated to the MOST amazing place.  HuDad gave us all a very wonderful Christmas present when he bought this amazing paradise for all of us.  We all love it and have loads of room to play.  Everyone has their own little village where they live, and we all get a chance to visit the other villages when HuMom tells us “It’s time to socialise!”.  That’s always loads of fun.  For most of us.  Just not ONE person, who always complains…..  More about my brother RAFFY another time.  He is pretty cool most days, but he can complain!  LOUDLY!

This is where we now live….

My little village

My little village

Jamie, Bella and my daughter Kayla live in this village

Jamie, Bella and my daughter Kayla live in this village

This is Morgan who-believes-that-people-following-blogs-should-at-least-wave-and-say-hello signing off till next time!


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