My brother’s Tiglets

01 May

Good Morgan everyone!

Well, my little brother’s babies have arrived.  They are very cute, and they all have tiger stripes, just like my sister Maya.  I do not think they are as beautiful as MY babies, but HuMom says I must not say that sort of thing out loud….  I have been watching the tinies trying to walk and I think the problem is that they are too fat and their legs are too short!  HuMom says it’s because they are only 2 weeks old and that they are actually doing very well, but I’m pretty sure I was running around the garden at 2 weeks old.  🙂

Here is a picture of my little brother when he was telling us all that his babies had arrived.

Proud daddy Zanto

My little brother telling us about his babies

HuMom says we can keep one of the girls and we are all VERY excited!  We are all thinking up names.  I want to call her “Cuddles”, ‘cos that’s my favourite thing in the world.  My daughter Kayla wants to call her “Fluffy Toy” ‘cos that’s her favourite thing in the world.  HuMom just laughs at us and says SHE will choose her name.  I hope it’s a good one!

This is Morgan who-thinks-naming-puppies-after-favourite-things-is-an-excellent-idea signing off till next time!

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