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More little Tiglets on the way…

Good Morgan everyone!

There’s a lot of excitement here at Tanyati today! My tiger striped sister, Maya, is going to have puppies! HuMom sat us all down this morning to tell us the news that Maya will have babies and that her husband is my little brother Zanto (who does not speak very good English).  I am not sure how he managed to convince her to marry him if he does not speak English…  Perhaps he has been secretly learning when none of us were looking!  I know that he has been spending a lot of time speaking to Bella and my daughter Kayla through the fence….

So, we are all starting to prepare for the little ones to arrive.  HuMom says they will be here in 4 weeks time, so we are starting to make toys for them and I am going to draw a little picture of a battle so that they know what will be expected of them when they are older…  You know…  Clean teeth, shiny coats and all that.  I’m just a little worried that the puppy stork will not know our new address, but HuMom says that she sent him a letter telling him where we live. 🙂

Maya waiting for her puppies

My tiger striped sister, Maya, waiting for her puppies

So, you must hold thumbs that Maya’s puppies will arrive safely.  HuMom says they will all be little Tiglets as they will all have tiger stripes like Maya!  How much fun is that?  It’s soooo cool!

This is Morgan who-loves-the-idea-of-little-tiglets-arriving-and-is-very-relieved-that-the-puppy-stork-knows-his-new-address signing off till next time!

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My daughters are great warriors!

Good Morgan everyone!

I am sooo proud of my 2 daughters, Baby (Ch Tanyati Broadway Debut “Brandy”) and Punkin (Tanyati Enchanting “Kayla”).  They went to a battle with HuMom on Saturday and they both had such shiny coats and clean teeth that the human in the middle of the battle ground thought they were the BEST!  Punkin was the Best Junior in Show and Baby was the Best Mover, Best Red and Reserve Best in Show!

HuMom says that they have really good jeans from me.  I looked all over the place, and I cannot find those jeans HuMom is talking about.  Neither Baby nor Punkin are wearing them, and I didn’t even know I had any jeans to start off with.  Sometimes HuMom gets confused…

This is a picture of Baby winning Reserve Best in Show…  I think she is so beautiful.

Brandy winning RBISS

My beautiful Daughter...

Do you see my jeans on her?

This is Morgan who-cannot-find-the-jeans-HuMom-says-his-daughters-are-wearing signing off till next time!

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