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Emma-grating and leaving heaters turned on…

Good Morgan everyone!

Oh….my….word!  It has been soooo long since I last wrote to everyone!  I have been real busy doing all sorts of things that I just did not have time!

Lots and lots of things have happened since I last managed to sneak into the study and sit at HuMom’s PC to write something.  I can’t even remember everything.  I think I will rather just say that we are all very well here at Tanyati, but we are VERY hot.  “Why?” I can hear you ask…  Well, it’s simple.  We emma-grated.

Emma-grating is when you get in a car and drive for hours and hours and hours and eventually arrive in a VERY hot place that has an empty house and no familiar smells.  That’s what happened to us 2 weeks ago.

Some people came into the house where I was born and took out everything and put it in a VERY big truck.  Then the truck left and HuMom and HuDad and all of us kids at Tanyati slept on the floor for a night.  Then HuMom woke us up ever so early and told us we were going on a road trip and we all bundled into HuMom’s car and HuDad’s car and off we went.  All THIRTEEN of us…  In TWO cars…

We drove and drove and drove and drove.  Then we stopped and I was very happy!  But all that happened is HuMom said it was time for us to go make widdles and then we got back in the car and drove and drove some more.  This happened a few times.  Eventually, at midnight, we arrived at a place and HuMom said we could get out and do a piddle and we did not need to get back in the cars.  We were VERY happy!  This new house was very empty though and for another 2 nights we all slept on the floor.

Two days later, that same big truck arrived at the gate and delivered all of our stuff, even my favourite couch!  We were all very happy that we did not need to sleep on the floor AGAIN.  HuMom spent about a week taking all sorts of things out of all sorts of boxers and making comments like “Oh heavens!  Where will I put this?” and “Oh no! I didn’t realise we brought this!” and “I’m going to have to buy another cupboard for all of this…”.

Now we are all settled in our new house and we love it.  Except that someone forgot to turn the earth’s heater off at the end of winter and it is VERY hot here!  I am sure someone will be getting a very high electricity bill!  We now live in the Western Cape, near a place called Stellenbosch, and it is very beautiful here.  But the BEST part is that HuMom does not have to go out to work every day and she spends the whole day with all of us.  I love my HuMom and I love my HuDad for saying HuMom can stay at home with us!

This is Morgan-who-thinks-people-should-remember-to-put-off-the-heaters-after-winter-has-finished-so-that-we-all-don’t-nearly-die-of-heat signing off till next time!

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