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Very sad news…

Good Morgan everyone.

Today is a very sad day at Tanyati.  My real mom, Danni, died.  We have all been crying today and none of us wanted to play any games.  HuMom has also been crying and I have tried to be a very good boy and I cuddled her and licked her gently, just like my mom used to do.  She says I am a special boy who had a special mom and that I am one of the luckiest Boxers in the world.  I know that my mom is now playing fetch with Lord Inca and my granddad Merlin and all the other Tanyati Boxers that went to heaven before us so that they could make it all nice for us when it’s our turn.

Me and my mom when I was a little boy

Please say a prayer to the Doggy God to look after my dear, sweet, happy, special Mom.

This is Morgan-who-misses-his-mom-very-much-and-hopes-that-she-likes-playing-with-all-the-angels signing off till next time.


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Are baby tigers called tiglets?

Good Morgan everyone!

So my tiger-striped sister Maya has had 8 babies.  And now we are all wondering what you call baby tigers!  Shakira thinks they are called tiglets.  You know, like baby pigs are called piglets…  Bella says she thinks they are called Mayalings.  You know, like baby geese are called goslings…  My new brother Zanto, who only speaks Hungarian, says that they are called kölyök…  No comment.

So, I begged HuMom to let me show you what the tiglets/mayalings/kölyök look like and she said I could put this photo on for you all!

The baby tigers

They’re cute, hey?!  As soon as HuMom takes more photos I promise that I will show them to you!

This is Morgan who-thinks-that-his-sister-is-ever-so-amazing-to-have-8-baby-whatsits signing off till next time!


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