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I am cured!! And my mom is old…

Good Morgan everyone!

Guess what? This morning HuMom told me I could not eat breakfast as I needed to go and see Dr Tim so he could put a camera down my throat and look for that horrible worm.  I was a very good boy.  I lay in my crate and watched while everyone ate and even though I was very hungry I knew HuMom would give me LOADS of kisses because she hates to let us be hungry.  And I was right!  Boy did I get kisses and hugs and HuMom held me tight and told me how much she loved me.  I love HuMom.

Then off we went to Dr Tim and I felt very sleepy and then next thing I knew HuMom was kissing and hugging me AGAIN!  Boy oh boy!  And then I heard Dr Tim tell HuMom that I was completely cured and that there was no sign of that horrible spiral-circus worm, or whatever it is called!  I think it got so scared of the injections HuMom was giving me that it went to find another circus!  Good riddance!  HuMom says we will celebrate with something special for supper tonight!  I can’t wait.

And now onto my real mom, Danni.  It’s her birthday today!  But she’s VERY old!  7 years old in fact.  My word.  Her and Zanto (that brother of mine that does not speak English) and Maya (my tiger-striped sister) are running around playing like crazy.  They’re having great fun and we’re all singing and calling and having loads of fun too.  I wrote a poem for my mom.  It goes like this:

Guess who’s having a birthday?
Guess who’s getting old?
Even though you’re not that young
We think you’re good as gold!

Me and my sister Maya
(The one with all the stripes)
And all the other kids at home
Think you’ve got good pipes!

Happy birthday Ma-Danni
If there was a kind-of test
To find the best of mothers
You sure would beat the rest!


This is Morgan-who-is-not-scared-of-circus-worms-and-has-an-old-mom signing off till next time!


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