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I’m getting better…

Good Morgan everyone!

I am feeling MUCH better!  So many people have been so nice and have written to me and HuMom about me being sick, so I asked HuMom if I could thank everyone and tell them that I am getting better slowly.

I am managing to eat my food now and I have not vomited at all since the visit to the vet.  HuMom says that I am still too thin to go back into battle so this weekend I have to stay at home while my daughter Brandy goes into battle all on her own.  I am not happy.  But I told HuMom that I will help Brandy to clean her teeth and shine up her battle cloak so that she is looking her best.

HuMom says that younger brother of mine that came out of My Rope will go with Brandy to keep her company and to learn how to go into battle.  I suppose that is OK, but I am not sure that he will understand the battle cries as he cannot speak English yet…

This is Morgan who-is-quite-upset-that-a-worm-with-a-funny-name-stops-him-from-going-into-battle signing off till next time!


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I am sick…

Good Morgan everyone!

I know it has been a long time since I last wrote to you.  But I’ve been sick.  HuMom has been trying all sorts of things to make me feel better but eventually last night she told me I was not allowed to eat supper and this morning I was not allowed to eat breakfast as I had to go to hospital. I do not know why they make you starve almost completely to death just to go to hospital!  Especially when I am so sick.

Anyway, last night and this morning I sat like a good boy in my crate while everyone ate.  It was not very nice.  Poor HuMom kept telling me she was sorry and kissing me, which was quite nice.  Even though I am sick.

Then we went to the hospital.  I was a very good boy and stood calmly while the vets did all sorts of things to me.  They told HuMom that they could not believe what a good boy I was.  HuMom was very proud of me, and that made me happy.  Even though I am sick.

Then!!!  They stuck a camera in my mouth and all the way into my tummy!  It was not very nice, but I was a good boy and I let them.  Even though I am sick.

Anyway, eventually HuMom was allowed to come and fetch me and boy did she cuddle and kiss me when I came out of the hospital!  It was so nice.  I love HuMom.  They say I have this worm thing that is making a home on my oesophagus and it is called spirocerca lupi and it is very dangerous.  But we have some medicine that I have to take every day and HuMom has to give me an injection every 2 weeks too.  I hope that I will be better soon, cos I am quite sick.

This is Morgan who-thinks-worms-that-make-dogs-sick-should-be-ashamed-of-themselves-and-should-rather-go-somewhere-else signing off till next time!


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