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Letter from Dexter

Dear Sir Morgan

This is Dexter here! I am the boy who lives with your daughter Casey. So I’ve been thinking a lot lately and I decided to write to you to speak to you about something very very important!

I really love Casey and I would like to know if it’s okay with you if I marry her! Today, we went to the vet (which was very hectic for our Mommy because we were being wild) – me to have my stitches out, and Casey to check her ears – we are both 100%!! And Casey even helped the vet to take my stitches out – I think the vet couldn’t see them properly so Casey was showing her – and then when the vet found them Casey gave her a big kiss to say well done!! Anyway, at the vet Mommy bought Casey a new red collar and lead, and I was looking at her in the car and she looked soooo pretty in that red, so I decided to marry her. Also because we play together and cuddle and we even kiss you know! But I want you to know that I protect her and make sure she’s a happy girl – at the vet I even protected her from a black and white cat, and a Jack Russell puppy! I growled and barked so loud that it did a little wee on the floor! Casey and I laughed so hard!! I think Mommy also laughed but she was doing it secretly.

I am a very good gentleman too – I won’t eat until my Casey has got food and I let her start first! And she tells me a lot what to do – and I let her get her own way no matter what! I must say though, she can be quite a bossy girl. The only thing I don’t love is when she gets cuddles from my Daddy – I like to have all the cuddles from him – he’s my favourite. Oh, and the squeaky toys… those are also my favourites so I like to have them all. But most other things…

And I’m a really good jumper!! Our Mommy put a fence up between the front and back gardens (we get the big side and the cats get the other – although they come into our side all the time which surely isn’t fair…) and the other day Mommy was on the other side with some builder guys who came to our house and I didn’t like Mommy to be by herself like that so I jumped right over that high fence and went to be with Mommy! The builder guys got huge big eyes and one ran into the outside room and the other ran behind a big gate – I thought they were being so rude to not say hello to me, so I shouted at them! Mommy took me inside the house and kissed me a lot and told me I’m a clever boy…!!

So, if you agree that I am a brilliant boy, please let me know if that would be okay with you – I promise I’ll keep looking after Casey for ever and ever!

Love Dexter

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New Brothers and Old Sisters…

Good Morgan everyone!

Well, it happened!  My brother has arrived.  HuMom is a bit sneaky because while I was guarding My Rope she drove in the gate with my brother in the car!  HuMom is very clever and I think she can make magic because I promise I never let My Rope out of my sight.  I am not sure I like my new brother very much, but I have been trying to tell him how things work at Tanyati but I don’t think he understands.  HuMom says he comes from someone called Sir Bee-Ah and that Sir Bee-Ah never taught him to speak English.  How dumb is that?  How can a HuMom or HuDad not speak English to their kids?  Anyway, Ditto is trying her hardest to teach him how to understand us because he is living with her.  I am *so* glad HuMom didn’t want me to live with him.  There are limits, you know.  Here is a photo of my new brother, Zanto…

My new brother, Zanto

Oh, my tiger-striped sister Maya-the-Bee, turned 3 years old on Tuesday!  We all sang to her and teased her a little bit and we all took it in turns to tell her a joke.  I think she liked mine the best because she laughed hardest at me.  I’m not entirely sure Raven told her a joke, though, because whatever she said to Maya, there was all of a sudden a commotion and they were yelling at each other.  Girls…  They really are an odd bunch.

This is Morgan who-has-buried-His-Rope-in-case-more-brothers-come-out-of-it signing out till next time!


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Letter from Dr Casey

Hi my Dad Morgan.

So on Monday morning Daddy took Dexter away in the car and I was most upset about it. He was gone the whole morning. Then after tea time Mommy told Cu and Morgan she was going out quickly to fetch something – when she came back I saw that “something” was Dexter. I thought it was quite unfair because he got an outing and I saw that he got a new collar and lead. Mom said Dex went for an operation – she said to leave him alone but I decided I definitely wasn’t going to listen.

So, since Dex came back from the operation on Monday I have gathered the following information: the first day he lay down on his back a lot for me to do many inspections – he’s got a cut down on his tummy and stitches in there. It smells a little different and he cried a little bit if I pushed there. He also was very reluctant to play – no matter how hard I tried – I jumped and barked and even sang a bit, but no joy. On Tuesday and Wednesday he played more and didn’t cry if I pressed on his tummy. So by Thursday he was right as rain – playing nicely, even wildly, even jumping again. My official assessment is that all this was a ploy to get attention, toys and treats.

You know I went to the vet with Mommy the other day and now I have to eat really big gross pills and horrid stuff goes in my ears – it’s because they were sore. I didn’t get a new collar and lead, no toys.

Plus, he still tries to lie on Mommy’s lap all the time – I mean is he blind? Does he not realise how big he is?! I think Mommy should take him to the eye vet. I’m sure the eye vet will confirm that there is something wrong with his eyes and not his w*lly!!

I’m going to have a nap now – this heat is insane – I think I’ll have a lie down on the pool net – it’s my favourite!

Lots of love Casey-boo (and love from Dexie too) 🙂

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