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A New Brother….

Good Morgan everyone!

Hmmm…  I am not sure I’m completely happy with HuMom at the moment.  Last night she called me to come and cuddle on her lap and then she took my head in her hands, looked me in the eye and said “Boy, you’re getting a new brother from Your Rope.”

My rope??  What has my rope got to do with little brothers?  I’ve given it a good look this morning.  There are no brothers, sisters or even best friends coming out of it.  I know it’s a bit chewed and ragged on the end, but really…?  I seriously do not know what HuMom is going on about.

On a brighter note, and far more exciting, my babies are getting big and beautiful!!  HuMom took some photos of them today and put them on the website.  Here are a couple of them for you to see..

One of my sons...

One of my daughters..

Aren’t they gorgeous? 🙂  HuMom says one of the girls is going to stay here!  I can’t wait to see which one it will be.  There is one in particular that I really like.  She looks just like me!  That *must* be a good thing!

This is Morgan who-does-not-understand-how-a-brother-can-come-out-of-Your-Rope-or-any-other-rope signing out till next time.

Note from HuMom: Hiya.  In case no one has worked it out, Morgan’s new brother is coming from Europe!  I have not told Morgan yet as I am enjoying watching him carrying his rope around and keeping it close by just so that he will be there as soon as his brother arrives!  🙂


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Happy Birthday Shakira, and other ‘birth’ days…

Good Morgan everyone!

Today is Shakira’s 8th birthday.  Wow….  That’s OLD!  HuMom and I have been discussing her birthday party and we thought that seeing as my wife Bella is busy deciding whether to have my children while it is still daytime, or to wait until HuMom is about to go to bed to start having them, we would have Shakira’s party on the weekend!  So watch out for those photos!

Yes, Bella is in the nursery but she will not let any of us visit!  Especially not me!  How rude.  She yells at me and says things like “It’s your fault I’m all fat and ugly!” and “Don’t ever come near me again you brute!”.  I’m quite hurt!  But HuMom says it’s just because she is about to have the babies that she is so grumpy.  I hope she gets over this soon, because I am not used to being spoken to like this!  All the girls usually look at me all shy like and all want to come and be near me, and I am not used to someone being this nasty.  I don’t think I’ll get married again.  It really changes a woman.

This is Morgan who-thinks-married-and-pregnant-woman-are-awfully-rude-and-would-rather-stay-single-from-now-on-thanks signing off till next time!


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