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Yael’s Letter to Morgan

Hi Mr. Morgan,

We love your blog and follow it on each update.  My HuMom talks so much about you, she thinks you’re really pretty, (which I am also :-)).  I wanted to write to you because I love your writings and adventures.

This is who I am, My name is: Yael, I am 6 months old, I’m a girl, I have 1 brother and 1 sister.  My brother is a Irish Terrier.

Yesterday was a great day, (sorry no happenings today) we swam in the river and splashed as much as we could. But clean water is terr-i-ble, mud is Beati-full.  HuDad wasn’t happy for us to get muddy, because I am a genius (like all boxers) I thought I get him in the MUDDY-SPIRT yup jump on him mud paws and all.  I was told thats No No No. No is not my word. HuSister needed also a coating. I think I can work at Plascon as a painter.

Bye Mr. Morgan
Kind Regards
Yael who love painting and needs typing help.
And HuSister.

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Goodbye Lord Inca

Good Morgan everyone.

Today is a very sad day at Tanyati.  HuMom has been crying all day because Lord Inca had to go home to the Doggy God and look after all the little puppies that could not stay on earth.  We are all very quiet and I even saw Shakira crying earlier when she thought no one was watching.  I am not looking forward to supper time because it will be so hard to see Inca’s dinner place empty.  Poor Ditto has been crying all day too, because Lord Inca was her favourite friend.

Please pray for Lord Inca, that when the Doggy God sees him he will know it is him and will make a special place for him in heaven.

Goodbye Lord Inca.  We all miss you very much, but we are happy that you are in heaven now and you can look after all the little Baby Boxer Angels just like you looked after Ditto.

This is Morgan who-misses-Lord-Inca-very-much-and-will-miss-touching-noses-with-him-every-night signing off till next time.


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Happy 5th birthday Erin

Good Morgan everyone!

Boy, did we have fun yesterday.  It all started when HuMom woke up and gave Erin a huuuuuuuuuuge hug and a kiss and then she started singing…  So we all joined in!  I sang the best of everyone.  Yep, you guessed it!  It was Erin’s birthday.

After we had eaten breakfast and played a lot outside, HuMom and I started baking.  We mixed, and added, and stirred, and opened things, and added some more and emptied, and rolled out and shoved in the oven and eventually…..  We had some Tuna and Garlic squares and some Liver and Egg muffins!

Tuna squares and Liver muffins

Yummy Tuna squares and Liver muffins

Then we wrapped Erin’s presents and HuMom called her (which she didn’t need to because Erin was standing right there wagging her tail so fast all you could see was a blur!) and off we went into the garden.  Erin was *so* cute!  She nearly wiggled out of her skin in excitement and very soon had unwrapped her presents and was playing with them like mad!

First present out the bag..

First present out the bag...

Her first present was a soft fluffy funny-shaped thing that Erin could make go squeek!  She’s very clever at doing that with toys.  Then HuMom reminded her there was another present and boy, was Erin surprised!

Oh my word! Another one!

Oh my word! Another one!

That was a really cool yellow thing with knobbles on and Erin knew exactly how to carry it!  She’s ever so clever!

The yellow knobbly thing

The yellow knobbly thing

Then we all played and ran and laughed and shouted and had the most fun we’ve had for a long time!  It was so great.  I love birthdays!  Oh!  And I had *my* birthday the other day too!  I’ve just been so busy I did not get a chance to tell you about it.  I will do that soon, cos I have some neat photos of my presents too!

This is Morgan who-loves-to-bake-and-sing-and-help-wrap-presents-for-everyone’s-birthday-especially-when-he-gets-to-play-with-the-presents signing off till next time!

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It had to happen….

Good Morgan everyone!

Well…. On sunday night HuMom was watching Flipper for quite a while as he wandered around the garden and all of a sudden she said to HuDad “He’s not well.  I’m taking him to the vet.”  We were all very surprised, but as we all then looked closer at Flipper we noticed that he wanted to pee on every patch of grass he could find, but he hardly pee’d at all, even though he tried.  So as HuMom bundled him into the back of the car we all yelled words of hope and encouragement to him, and even Lord Inca spoke to him!  It sounded something like “It’s your turn now..”.

Well, an hour later HuMom came home WITHOUT Flipper!  Oh my word!  We were all quite worried, but HuMom told us that Flipper was OK but he was on a drip in hospital.  Our tap drips, so I assume it’s something the vet attaches to him to make him drip like a tap too…

Then last night Flipper came home and he was very tired and wobbled when he walked and Lord Inca smiled at him and said “Welcome to the club”.  I was not sure what he meant, so I looked very closely at Flipper to see if he had a new badge or something from a nice club he had joined, because maybe I’d like to join the club too.  And then I saw it!  Or rather, I *didn’t* see it!  Flipper’s equipment has GONE!  I promise!  It’s just not there!  There’s NO ways I want to join THAT club!

Then HuMom told us that there was a problem with something called a prostate inside Flipper and it was making it hard for him to pee and so the vet had to take away his equipment to fix the problem…  Hmmm…  Well, I have been practising ALL morning and I am happy to report that I can pee on anything I want!  🙂  No club for me!

This is Morgan-who-is-very-protective-of-his-equipment-and-will-continue-to-practise-peeing-so-that-HuMom-does-not-make-him-join-any-clubs signing off till next time!


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Letter from Ernie – Gardening


Please tell Casey-Boo and Dex  I have been reading their letters and decided to try and fix my mom’s garden, then  I found some cool flowers and I know my mom loves flowers so I brought them inside for her!

Ernie and his gardening efforts

Ernie and his gardening efforts

Feuwwwwwwwwwwwww she was mad at me, I don’t know why as they were really pretty and the “abees” like them as well. Grumpy Frumpy that’s what I woofed when she was not listening to me! Then Claude and I pulled the nice packet of stink stuff “bone meal” around the garden and rolled in it!  Yip dad was now having a huffy!  So mom told him to put the sprinkles on. Oh boy that was fun we played some more as it was very hot.

Thanks Casey-Boo and Dex for your help on gardening!

Have a nice week Morgan, my mom says you got married – do you like girls? I don’t – yuk!
Woof da too da looooo!


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