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Letter from Casey – Hercules Mommy

Hi my Dad Morgan

So yesterday was quite hectic. I had to give Mommy a really hard bite because I got my foot stuck in the window and it was unbelievably sore, and I was crying really loudly, and when Mommy came running she didn’t help me fast enough so I bit her hand as hard as I could so that she would get it out faster. Mommy said when she felt that pain from my new big teeth, it gave her Hercules’ strength so that she could lift my whole body up and free my foot! So remember that – if you need someone to be really strong – just bite as hard as you can!! I was really glad that Mommy got my foot out – I think it might have broken if it stayed there. I’m feeling better now. Mommy isn’t though – she has cream and plasters everywhere and she shouted at Daddy because he touched her hand too hard when he was cleaning it.

So Mommy let me have special privileges after I hurt my foot – I did big limps for special effect – and I got cheese and cuddles, but still not allowed to chase Zalo? Dad even gave us a big ball to play with. But that’s broken now. 

We went for a swim too – that was fun. I’ve got a special swimming style that Mom and Dad call ‘tiny baby legs style’ – I only use my front legs and curl my back legs up!! Dex isn’t so good at the swimming… he tried to do it like a fish but NO GILLS!! Daddy had to teach him how to hold his head up and then he did it right the second time. Mommy wouldn’t let us get out at the side – she says we have to swim to the steps so Dad showed us how. Now Mommy is happy because she says we’re clever to learn so quickly!!

Today I went in all by myself for lots of swims but Dex has to get carried in – so lazy!

After we swam we went to cuddle with Mommy on her towel. Mommy doesn’t like to share. She’s just being ugly though – she always tells Cu and Morgan that “sharing is caring”.

I’m happy to report that we’ve made some serious progress with the garden!! We’ve made three nice pathways through some of the plant beds and two nice big flat areas to lie and play on!! Mom doesn’t like our work – she says we can play on the grass – but that’s boring. Our big green playmat is still the best though! Sometimes Dad and Cu jump on it together and then we lie on it so we can also bounce – the best fun ever!! And me and Dex are quite good soccer players too! That game is fun. We’re also trying to learn how to do the skateboard – it’s a little tricky at times but when you get it just right it’s awesome!!!

And I’m teaching Dexie how to read! We take Daddy’s newspapers (and last week we used a book) and then we read. Dex didn’t like it so much so I said that if he reads a page his reward is to eat it afterwards!! So we read one or two newspapers every day and so far – one book!!! Clever hey!? Reading AND recycling!! I truly am genius!

I have to go now – Mommy just turned the sprinklers on and I LOVE to play in them… I also see that the ones we made to lie down are standing up again – better go and fix that!!

Lots of love from me and Dexie,

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The alien has left!

Good Morgan everyone!

Well, last night HuMom took Lord Inca to Vet Tim for a check-up and I am not sure what went on there, but HuMom and Lord Inca came home smiling and singing and talking very quickly.  It seems that the horrible thing inside Lord Inca that is making him sick decided to leave and go home!  I am not sure if it is an alien, like the stripey ones we have in the field behind us, but in any case HuMom told HuDad that Vet Tim could not find it anymore!  Isn’t that fantastic?  Maybe its GPS got fixed at last and it could find its way back to where it came from?  In any case, HuMom is very happy and that makes me very happy too!  🙂

This is Morgan who-believes-that-aliens-should-take-better-care-of-their-GPS-so-they-do-not-get-lost-inside-Lord-Inca-and-make-him-sick signing off till next time!

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Ernie’s third letter to Morgan

Hello Morgan 

Do you think I have clean teeth or tats as dad would say?  My mom says I pull funny face all the time and  I look like a monster and behave like one too and I am a show off! 


Ernie showing off his clean teeth..

But Coco can’t show teeth or smile………….she does paw paw paw and gets treats ………..girls yuk! 

Today it is storming again by us in Cape Town I don’t like it because the sea water takes my balls and Coco’s “thing ding” all the time…….my grumpy brother Claude the jack russel went for a swim and dad had to pull him back in……silly dweeeb!  Then mom had enough and muttered all the way home because she says we think it’s funny and dad was laughing with me when we were walking back home.  My dad say I am his buddy and best friend and the most special boy in the world.  Cool hey! 

Okay I have to bark at the birds in the garden now and see what the builders are doing….as dad say I am in charge of baddies! 

Oh boy on Saturday I played fight fight with Onex(Belgium shepherd) at school he is big and furry he is a new friend…..Ninja(staffi) was sick – lucky because he thinks Mia(beagle) is his girlfriend but she is mine and we play. Do you go to school?  I love school!!!! 

Whooof  da  loooo

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Inca’s Birthday Party!

Good Morgan everyone!

Boy, did we have fun today!  It was Lord Inca’s surprise birthday party.  HuMom started off on Saturday night making a cake for him.  I helped.  She made a jelly cake and hid all sorts of nice surprises inside, like liver, biltong, biscuits and other cool stuff!  Then we put it in the fridge ready for today.

Lord Inca was SO excited!  He ate the cake ever so quickly!

Inca's 11th Birthday Party

Inca halfway through eating his birthday cake!

Then it was time to give him his present.  We all helped to wrap it with HuMom and we all wrote a special message in the birthday card.  HuMom read the card to Lord Inca and he loved it!  We all sang “Happy Birthday” and I sang the best of everyone!  🙂

Inca's 11th Birthday Party

Inca looking for his present...

Lord Inca is very special to us all, and even Flipper wished him a happy day.

Inca's 11th Bithday Party

Inca and his new toy!

This is Morgan-who-is-pretty-good-at-wrapping-presents-and-even-better-at-singing-happy-birthday signing out till next time!

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Happy 11th Birthday Lord Inca!

Good Morgan everyone!

Today we are VERY proud to say Happy 11th Birthday to the very special, very wise, very clever, very handsome, VERY OLD Lord Inca!  Oh my word!  We have all been singing to him all day!  Little Ditto has sneaked into his special house and has been smooching him and cuddling him all morning!  She really loves him and he loves her too!  He lies on the ground so that he is at her level (she’s quite tiny) and they ‘mouth fight’ each other. 

HuMom says we are going to have a birthday party for him on Saturday as she has to be at work during the day and she wants to make a very special cake for him and will only have time for that on Saturday.  I can’t wait.  As I mentioned before, we are all going to contribute to his birthday card and I have been practising my paw print art all day!  You must see how pretty Shakira looks with my paw prints all over her!

Some very kind people have been sending messages to HuMom for Lord Inca and she says I must ask everyone to reply to this post with a special birthday message for Lord Inca so that everyone else can read them!  So, please do that and HuMom will read them all to Lord Inca on Saturday!

This is Morgan-who-has-perfected-the-art-of-paw-print-collages-on-almost-every-surface-he-can-find signing out till next time!


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Very VERY Clean Teeth

Good Morgan everyone!

Well, today was a fantastic day! I have the second bestest cleanest teeth around! HuMom and my tiger-striped sister Maya and I went to the last battle for this year, and it was GREAT! First off, of all the Boxers, the human in the centre of the battle ground thought my teeth were the cleanest!  Then he thought Little Tiger-stripe Maya had the second cleanest teeth of all the Boxers!  HuMom was so proud of us and I was SO happy to make her proud.

Then…..  In the bigger battle between ALL the dogs with the cleanest teeth in the Working Group, the human in the centre AGAIN thought I had the cleanest teeth and I won the Working Group!  HuMom was delighted (again) and she hugged me and kissed me (again) and I yelled at the GSD behind me that I had the cleanest teeth and HuMom told me to behave and not to say nasty things.  Sometimes HuMom just doesn’t get it that us dogs need to tell other dogs these things.  🙂

Then…. We went into the HUGE BATTLE ground and boy did I try hard to show the Human in the middle my clean teeth!  I was a bit distracted however, by the very very strange fluffy thing standing behind me.  I do not understand why someone would bring a fluffy toy to a battle.  I mean, really!  I couldn’t even see its eyes, never mind its teeth!  I could not take my eyes off it, because I thought maybe HuMom had bought me a new toy to play with but had somehow dropped it behind us.  Anyway, I did everything HuMom asked me to and even a little bit more and guess what???  The Human thought that I had the SECOND BESTEST CLEANEST TEETH of all the dogs on the battle ground!  We got what is called Reserve Best in Show!  HuMom was delighted and kissed and hugged me some more!  I love winning battles ‘cos I love getting kissed and hugged by HuMom.

Oh, by the way, the fluffy toy that was dropped behind me won Best In Show.  How odd.

This is Morgan-who-is-a-bit-confused-as-to-how-a-fluffy-toy-can-win-a-battle-when-you-can’t-see-its-teeth signing out till next time!


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