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Letter from Casey – The New Couch

Hi my Dad Morgan

We got a new couch! Me and Dex love it but we didn’t like that it was so boring and just plain, so we decorated it for Mommy!! We were so clever – we made paint from the mud in the garden and did really beautiful patterns all over it. Then we lay on it to wait for Mommy to come and see it! Mommy didn’t see it first – Dad did – and he pulled so many funny faces when he saw it!! First was big circle mouth with big eyes, then triangle mouth with slanty eyes and then small circle mouth with closed eyes!!! He shook his head and said Mommy was going to kill us all… We were a little worried then but luckily Cu also helped and came running in and did a funny (but very artistic-like) jump and sprayed milkshake everywhere!! Dad was almost right – Mommy really was furious – she said that all me, Dex, the kids and Dad do is mess up everything she owns and that we may as well give up and become white trash. I think Mom was completely over-reacting!!

Otherwise things here are pretty usual this week – a couple of days ago Dex ate something naughty and left what Mommy called landmines everywhere in the house! And one of our snakes escaped so Mom and Cu were searching for her, and Mom set the alarm off twice so men with guns came to see if we were okay – and all that before eight ‘o clock in the morning!! Yesterday before eight… Dex did vomits everywhere – this time Mom knew what he ate that was naughty – it was Nik-Naks – she knew because Dex didn’t even bother to chew them and left orange Nik-Nak soup vomits!! All I can say is “well done Dex!” Because then Cu and Morgan got punishments because she said “Nik-Naks are not what we eat for breakfast”. Then she made them hot drinks with rusks and I managed to steal one rusk but then Dex gave us away because he was drinking the hot drink so loudly that Mommy heard and came and caught us on the table – then we all got shouted at. Dex really needs to stop giving us away – he is such a dweeb. And then I heard Mommy telling her friend that having two puppies and two small children is not a clever thing to do. Now her friend doesn’t want children or dogs!! I will try to be very good from now on so her friend will also get dogs and children.

We love that friend of Mommy’s – Aunty Jane – she’s so cool – one time she came to visit and she was wearing the softest jacket that smelled just like our chewie toys that Mom buys us and Dex tried to chew it right when it was on her!! I told him he needed to wait ’til she took it off but he wouldn’t listen. I was cross because then I didn’t get a turn to chew it either. But it was okay because we just lay next to her and put our faces in it and that smell made us go to sleep!

The other day we made Mommy cry – that was horrible – I’m never going to chew Mommy’s new shoes again – no matter how cross I am that she goes out and leaves us behind. But we only chewed one – the other one is still fine – she can wear that one! And now, for no reason at all Mommy hides her shoes and Aunty Jane puts hers up on the table if she takes them off when she comes to visit! Again, over-reacting – I mean it was just the one shoe…

I’m sending you photos Mommy took of us on the couch we decorated – as you can see Mommy has rudely covered it up with throws!!


Me and Dex on the new couch

But look how big we are now!! We are now officially bigger than Cu and Morgan – we can knock them down really easily – it’s best when they are running in the garden – just one quick bump at speed and they’re down!!! We love that game! I think maybe Morgan doesn’t love it so much because she screams for Mommy but Cu does – he’s quite quick too so makes it even more fun! I’m the quickest though! Mommy says you broke the mould when you made me… Quick, pretty, brave, clever, darling, ever-so-loyal and perfect – that’s what she says!!! She also says things about Dex – but I think Dex is her baby so she’s all soppy with him!

I’m off to have a nap now so I’ve got loads of energy for when Cu and Morgan get home from school!!

Lots of love from me and Dex.

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HuMom as a Drowned Rat

Good Morgan everyone!  Oh boy, did we laugh at HuMom yesterday!  She was at home all day because she was sick and at just after 3 in the afternoon we saw her peering out the window at the sky that looked very grey and all kind of ‘rainy’.  Next minute she was out the house in a flash and dashing off to the horses to bring them in before the rain came.  Alas!  Too late!  All of a sudden it started raining VERY hard and the rain drops looked like those ice cube things HuDad puts in his drink!  They hurt, let me tell you!  So we all dashed inside our warm dry kennels and peeped out to watch HuMom. 

Old Man Sabre was very good – he followed HuMom into the stables like a good boy.  Wild Child Carrie did not.  She ran around like it was a sports day at school!  Then Old Man Sabre started calling very loud because he was inside and Wild Child Carrie was outside!  He screamed in HuMom’s ear to bring Wild Child Carrie in, but all he managed to do was make HuMom deaf! 

Then HuMom dashed out of the stables and tried to convince Wild Child Carrie to come in from the ice cube rain.  And then it started.  Remember the “Lord Inca Chasing The Chicken” episode?  We had a repeat!  Although instead of HuMom chasing Lord Inca chasing a chicken we had HuMom chasing Wild Child Carrie chasing an imaginary chicken (all the chickens were snuggled in the stables keeping dry) in the middle of an ice cube rain storm.  We laughed and laughed and laughed! 

Eventually Wild Child Carrie decided the wild look in HuMom’s eyes had nothing to do with the fact that she was having fun chasing her and more to do with the recipes she was planning on making out of Wild Child Carrie, and she meekly stopped and allowed HuMom to lead her into the stable.  When HuMom eventually came out the stables she looked like a drowned rat!  She was very very wet!  And she was muttering something under her breath that we didn’t quite catch.  I can read lips really well, and let me tell you, I’m pretty sure she was saying “I wonder if Carrie would fit in the freezer and I wonder how many meals the dogs would be able to have out of her…”  😮  Fortunately I know HuMom was just joking as she really loves Old Man Sabre and Wild Child Carrie!  Perhaps just not yesterday though!

This is Morgan who-thinks-HuMom-and-rain-don’t-look-so-good-together signing out till next time!

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Chasing Chickens…

Good Morgan everyone!

Boy did we all laugh last night!  HuMom was bringing Lord Inca inside the house after super when he spotted a chicken…  Now, in his day, Lord Inca was rather fond of catching and eating the odd chicken that was stupid enough to come over to our side of the garden. When he saw that chicken last night he was off like a rocket.  Well…..  not quite.  A rather slow rocket.  Rather more like a bicycle.  HuMom saw what was going through Lord Inca’s head and called out to him to stop.  Unfortunately he is deaf.  So, off went Lord Inca at a rather slow gallop, HuMom shrieking behind him trying to attract his attention from the poor chicken that was convinced her time had come!  They went around the stable block twice, almost in slow motion, with HuMom trying to grab Lord Inca without hurting him, and he with a very determined look on his face and oblivious to everything except his after-dinner snack.  Fortunately for the chicken, Lord Inca tripped (poor chap) and HuMom grabbed him and steered him swiftly into the garden gate, muttering under her breath that he’d give himself a heart attack if he didn’t realise he was no longer up to such aerobic activities.  We were all laughing so much that I heard Brittany say she’d pee’d in her pants! 

This is Morgan-who-thinks-Lord-Inca-should-have-appeared-on-one-of-those-funny-home-video-programs signing out till next time!

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Happy Birthday Tanyati “A” Litter!

Good Morgan everyone! Well, today is the 1st birthday of some pretty special people! So, to Impi (Tanyati All That Jazz), Turk (Tanyati All Or Nothing), Casper (Tanyati Arctic Ice), Daisy (Tanyati All Aglow at Jakkalsdans), Jessie (Tanyati Amore Donatella), Abby-Gaaaayl (Tanyati All Fired Up for Stanwix), Tina (Tanyati AllThatMatters) and Bella (Tanyati All About Me) we all wish you a very happy first birthday!

My advice to you all is to look at your HuMoms and HuDads with that look we all practised when you lived here (you know the one…  where you hold your head to one side, hang your tongue out your mouth and make your eyes all bright and sparkly) and I can guarantee you that they will go all gooey and funny and start singing weird songs to you!  Don’t be worried.  It’s some kind of ritual that humans have when it is a birthday!  They really are an odd bunch.

This is Morgan-who-often-sings-to-everyone-at-Tanyati signing out till next time!

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Hairy Toes Day!

Good Morgan everyone! Well, it was a holiday for HuMom and HuDad yesterday and they said it was “Hairy Toes Day”, or something. So that got me thinking…. Why do humans celebrate “Hairy Toes Day” if they do not have particularly hairy toes? I looked very closely at HuMom’s toes and they have hardly any hairs on them. I even licked them to see if the hairs come out in the wet, just like some real pretty flowers do, but no…. No hairs. Wet or otherwise. Maybe humans *wish* that they had hairy toes and that is why there is a day where they all sit around a fire and hope that the Hairy Fairy touches their toes? Humans can be very strange you know. So, I am sorry, I do not have an explanation as to why we celebrated “Hairy Toes Day” yesterday. But perhaps that is why HuMom often strokes my feet and holds them in her hands! She wishes she had hairy toes too!

Oh! We got photos today from my daughter Holly. Isn’t she pretty? HuMom says I make extremely pretty girls and I am very proud! It must be my hairy toes! 🙂

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Ernie’s 2nd letter to Morgan

Heeelo Morgan

Whooow but you are big! Does your mom make you do exercise? I have to exersice every day, my mom say no room for fat lazy fluffy butts! I have to chase a ball on the beach and swim. Morgan it was nice to see you at the big meeting place the other day. I wanted to go talk to you but mom said you need to rest so I went over to oooooh Brandy – she made my eyes twinkle and I got all slobber out my mouth. Mom let me lick her cage and told me that was all I could do. Then we had to leave so I could go to school- my mom says I don’t have ears she must be blind. Tell Brandy I said hello and can I send Inca a birthday card for his party? I wish I had a big brother like him, I only got a big little brother Claude he is 10! mom say he is a Jack Russell with issues I don’t what that is.

Bye Bye

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The Other Side Of The World

Good Morgan everyone! I had a rather tiring weekend and I am only now getting over the exhaustion… HuMom and me and Brandy and my other wife Kendal and my half brother Keston and 2 of HuMom’s friends drove to The Other Side Of The World for a battle. Oh my word! The Other Side Of The World is VERY far away. It took us 2 whole days to drive there and 2 whole days to drive back. The Other Side Of The World is also called Cape Town. I looked everywhere to see if anyone was wearing a cape just like Batman, but I did not see any. Pity.

On the way to The Other Side Of The World we had a terrible experience where the tyre on the special Dog Battle Wagon fell apart! Just like that! There was smoke and noise and a terrible smell and when it happened I heard HuMom say some words that she says I must never repeat! I told HuMom not to worry because I know how to change a tyre seeing as I am a boy. Unfortunately the special spanner that we needed to use to take the wheel off the Dog Battle Wagon DID NOT FIT!!! How dumb is that? But thankfully some very nice people stopped to help us and we all sat back and watched the very kind man do all the work. 🙂

The Other Side Of The World is very windy, I might add. I think it must be because of all the capes, even though I did not see any. Maybe these Bat-people fly so high up in the sky that we can’t see them and only the wind from their capes comes to earth? In any case, the wind was so strong it broke our gazebo. So, a broken tyre and a broken gazebo in one battle. Hardly seems worth it….

I found the last day of the trip VERY boring and HuMom said I had a Sense Of Humour Failure. I just did not see why we needed to travel to The Other Side Of The World for a battle when we could have had a very nice battle here at home. Anyway, HuMom told me all about something called an iPod and she put something on my head that covered my ears and I heard some wonderful sounds coming out of it and that made me feel a bit better. But boy was I glad when HuMom told me that we were nearly home! I do not think I want to have a battle on The Other Side Of The World again. Unfortunately I heard HuMom and her friend talking about going to The Other Side Of The World again next year… Sigh. I’d rather stay at home with Erin and her spade!

Here’s a picture of me in the car with the headphones on… I think I look pretty cool!

Me and my headphones...

Me and my headphones...

This is Morgan-who-seriously-does-not-believe-battles-should-be-held-on-The-Other-Side-Of-The-World signing out till next time!


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